The document attached below offers guidance for composers who are looking to publish their work in Scotland. All musical settings of liturgical texts must receive an imprimatur from the Bishops’ Conference in whose territory they seek to first publish. The imprimatur declares that the approved setting is of an acceptable standard for liturgical use. The impirmatur does not recommend or further endorse any particular setting  or composer.

The attached document gives some guidance and explains the process.

  1. For each setting where a composer seeks an imprimatur the following should be sent:Four copies of the full score (organ / voice score etc.)
    and five copies of the voice / congregational score.Application should be sent to:

    The Secretary
    The National Liturgy Commission
    St John the Evangelist
    92 Glaisnock Street
    KA18 1JU

  2. It would be preferred if musical settings could be reviewed anonymously. Where possible composers should remove their name from the score: they should list all their details on the application form, leaving only the title of the presented work on the score itself.
  3. Composers should complete the application form . This should be sent to the above address in hard copy.
  4. Manuscript copies should also be sent in hard copy rather than on email.
  5. If composers wish they should consider including audio copies of their work on CD. Composers may wish to send six copies of the CD but if this is difficult one copy will suffice.
  6. To facilitate the review of proposed material it should be sent to the National Liturgy Commission at the above address no later than four weeks before the scheduled meeting. The next review meeting will take place on 18th November 2014.
  7. Composers are reminded that after an imprimatur is awarded they will still require copyright permission from the International Commission for English in the Liturgy.
  8. Further clarification can be obtained from the following email address:

Guide for Composers