This DVD media resource has been prepared to accompany the implementation of the new translation. The DVD features liturgical scholars and pastoral ministers explaining the changes that are present in the new translation and offering the opportunity for us to reflect more fully on our celebration of the Church’s liturgy.




There are five pathways on Become One Body One Spirit in Christ:

Exploring the Mass:

the Scriptural Foundations of the Mass in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; a timeline tracing the Evolution of the Mass; Theological Reflections on key aspects of the Church’s teaching on the Mass.

Receiving this English Translation:

the principles and guidelines that inform the Translator’s Task; particular Issues of Translation such as revealing the scriptural basis of many of the prayers in the Missal; insights into the Changes to the Text of the Order of Mass; a recognition of the various Challenges and Opportunities that the new translation offers.

Crafting the Art of Liturgy:

an invitation to rediscover the Liturgy as Art; to consider the elements of Liturgical Prayer; to reflect on Liturgical Ministries — ordained and lay; to look at Art in the Liturgy through the use of liturgical space and objects; to participate in the Chanting of Prayer.

Celebrating the Eucharist:

the introduction of the new translation provides an opportunity to develop good practice in liturgical celebrations. As we respond to God’s invitation in the Introductory Rites; listen to his Word in the Liturgy of the Word; offer him thanks and praise in the Liturgy of Eucharist; and are sent forth in the Concluding Rites to glorify him in our lives.

Living a Eucharistic Life:

At the end of each Mass we are sent forth — Dismissal for Mission; through the prayers and action of the Mass we learn that What we Pray and Believe shapes our Lives; indeed every celebration of Mass is a Renewal of Hope that God offers us.

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The DVD is available here for order. Cheques for £14.99 should be made payable to the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland. This DVD is suitable for playing on a computer with a a DVD facility. The DVD will not play on your television set. PLease download the order for below.

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